Gaining The Attention Of Potential Customers

Gaining The Attention Of Potential Customers - Brand, Value Proposition and Messaging

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In order to attract the right customers, it is important to develop a consistent marketing positioning, company image and communications materials which accurately represent your brand, vision and values to all internal and external stakeholders.

Development of the brand

This is not only the visual representation or ‘logo’, but an analysis of how the wider brand is made up in terms of ‘brand attributes’. Brand attributes describe the ‘personality’ and ‘value’ of the brand to target audiences and are therefore a starting point for your communications. The brand should encapsulate who you are, what you stand for, your values and the tangible and intangible benefits that interacting with your brand will deliver to your stakeholders

Messaging Platform

Once the brand has been defined, a messaging platform can be developed. Your messaging platform sets out the key messages that will form the basis of all communications and describes

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Who you do it for
  • The value that you bring (Why you do it)

Together the brand attributes and messaging platform provide a framework for development of your specific value propositions and communications which set you apart from your competition and attract the attention of your target audiences.

This programme will provide you with the tools and techniques to:

  • Define your market positioning
  • Develop your brand strategy
  • Set out a framework for your company brand, value proposition and promotional communications
  • Ensure that potential customers understand the value that your products and services will deliver
  • Demonstrate how your organisation is uniquely positioned to meet customers’ specific needs
  • Provide a guide for company employees and 3rd party suppliers to use when communicating about the organization, or when developing communications materials.

This is a 5 week course that starts in May 2021, with additional start dates in July and October. 

The course will cover: 

Week 1: Brand Ambition, positioning and core values

Week 2: Vision, target markets and stakeholder analysis

Week 3: Value Proposition Building Blocks

Week 4: Developing the Messaging Framework

Week 5: Marketing Collateral Audit and Implementation Planning

There is an option to benefit from 121 coaching and training sessions with the course facilitator, Suzi West. Please contact her directly for information. 

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