How To Grow Your Business Profitably

How To Grow Your Business Profitably - Marketing Strategy

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Course Access : Lifetime
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In an environment of constantly changing external factors, customer expectations and behaviours, it is important not only to have a well thought out marketing strategy – but to have a robust process to regularly review and revisit your plans to ensure that your products, communications, pricing , promotions and distribution methods are still relevant and desirable to your target audience.

This programme will provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to

  • evaluate the market opportunities and threats,
  • assess product performance,
  • research, develop and launch new products
  • identify relevant target audiences and
  • develop appropriate product, pricing, promotional, branding and distribution strategies

This is a twelve week course starting in February 2021, with additional start dates in April and September. 

This course will cover: 

Week 1: Growth Expectations

Week 2: Goals and Objectives

Week 3: Action Planning

Week 4: Implementation

<!--StartFragment-->Week 5: Segmentation and Targeting<!--EndFragment--><!--EndFragment-->

Week 6: Customer Relationships

Week 7: Value Proposition

Week 8: Positioning & Brand

Week 9: Developing the marketing strategy – Product and Pricing

Week 10: Developing the marketing strategy – Place, Promotion, People

Week 11: Development of the Tactical Marketing Plan

Week 12: Implementation

There are opportunities to benefit from 121 coaching sessions with the course facilitator, Suzi West. Please get in touch with her directly to arrange. 

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