Stress Management For The Building And Construction Sector

Stress is not an illness itself but can cause serious illness if it remains unchecked and unattended. There are many things an individual can do to manage stress more effectively. This one-day workshop presentation addresses these issues and provides workable solutions and take-aways. Less stress, more confidence, and increased clarity and insight are the resulting long-term benefits of a structured and focused stress management programme. Upgrading personal skills that allow for better goal setting strategies and problem-solving techniques. Learning and applying easy-to-learn mental skills techniques involving self-talk and visualisation/imagery At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to; Clarify life skills that can be useful in their workplace. Exhibit people management skills. Name and describe different types of stressors. List skills contributing to confidence building. List factors that influence motivation. Explain a problem-solving methodology.

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Course Access : Lifetime
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Duration : 2.5 Hours
Videos : 15
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What you'll Get

  • This well-designed training programme will allow your organisation to improve proficiency and productivity while providing value to those who manage apprentices, teams, sub-contractors, suppliers… and of course the client… directly through the acquisition and application of mental skills training, in the areas of stress management.


Overflowing with cutting edge tips and techniques showing you how to get control of your stress, this course is presented by the UK's leading authority on stress management and includes several workbook resource documents.

...You’re going to learn all about how to control your stress.

…You’re going to learn what stress really is.

…How your stress system is a natural part of who you are.

…How it helps you in times of great danger and mental and emotional overload.

…Why you can’t get rid of stress and why you wouldn’t want to.

…You’ll also learn about the two kinds of stress there is…and there’s only two!

…Also some situations and triggers that can cause you to go into stress overload.

…And who and what is responsible for the stress you find yourself experiencing.

…We’ll take a look at how your own approach to your environment can cause you to be a bit more stressed then you might like.

…You’re going to learn about the F.O.U.R. ™  barriers to stress management.

…And we’ll work our way through a case study.

...Of course as we progress along our journey, I’m going to provide the answers to all of the above

…and much, much more.

So if you’re ready…strap yourself in…and lets get going.

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